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soweto blues…

By ShannonJEffingerMarch 27, 2019in blog0

It’s hard to imagine that my writing career started from the “little blog that could.”

Picture it (in my Sophia Petrillo voice): It was the summer of 2008. I was armed with an MFA from Sarah Lawrence and a “runners high” from writing like mad for two years straight. But somehow, I found myself stuck again with the thought, “How the hell am I going to put this degree to good use?” Then it came to me: I’ll just work part-time so I can have more time to write. But then, the recession hit, so part-time quickly transitioned into a full-time gig, working as an office manager at a Midtown hedge fund. It paid my mounting bills, rent and also supported my ex-boyfriend/aspiring trumpeter (eye roll) for five (of the seven+) years we were together. Much like sex at that time, writing was all but a faded memory.

Can’t quite pinpoint the single moment that made me decide to give professional music, let alone jazz writing a shot. But it’s been my experience that a circumstance in one’s life can only change with focused action. I was just tired of complaining about never having time to write or to work out. And if I continued to just binge-watch “SNAPPED” on the weekends, I could very likely be writing this from a prison cell right now, for killing my deadbeat boyfriend. (SIDE NOTE: Remember that one episode when the woman DISSOLVED her man in a barrel full of acid? Sick as hell, yes, but you got to applaud her ingenuity. That’s like some next-level MacGyver shit, right?)

Fast forward, now just a little over ten years later, I’m a full-time, working writer. My pen has taken me to four continents, allowed me to meet and interview my all-time heroes, and write about the thing that’s in my blood: music. But it’s time for something else. I don’t know what that “something” looks like just yet, but check out my blog as I travel and, perhaps overshare while in South Africa.

The picture above, by the way, was taken during my fourth safari adventure at Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge in Pilanesberg National Park.


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